Betty Crocker shows you a different way of cooking in the cookbook Cooking Basics! (great book)

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I stumbled upon a book called Cooking Basics, a
Betty Crocker edition. It introduces you to the
cooking tools and the herbs and
what kinds of foods their used for. The have both
illustrations and terms of pasta that goes together.
Then, they go over food safety and cleanliness. The
book’s presentation is sky high good, on the very best
level. They have recipes I have never tried and some
I have heard of. They have salads for the health nuts
and the people wanting to lose

They list the ingredients, the prep times, the full
time it takes to cook the dish, calories and tips
all together on one page. The tips are highly informing.
The spaghetti with marinara sauce says that the
sauce may look ready to eat afterheating to a boil.
Yet, the longer you cook it over low heat is needed
to develop the flavors.

With Fetuccine alfredo,it says use a fork to lift one
strand of fettuccine and press gently against inside
of the Dutch oven. This pasta should be tender,
not mushy.IF you don’t have some of the ingredients
listed for the dish, they list substitutes.Those
are just a few of the tips in the book.

This book has recipes like garlic smashed potatoes,
lasagna, macaroni and cheese, pumpkin pie,mousse
cake and other delicious desserts. As for other foods,
the book also has recipes for grilled
pork chops,meatloaf, taco casserole,lemon chicken
stir fry, Dijon chicken, Roasted chicken and potatoes,
veggie lasagna, rigatoni, chicken and spinach stuff
shells and much more. Now, I just pointed out some
of the foods I like spotted in the book. If you
want to know about more of its recipes, buy it,
borrow it, or get it from the library.

There is plenty of information for you to collect
from this book. There is plenty to keep in your mind
and see displayed in your cooking.
I would recommend this book “Cooking Basics” for
those on all cooking levels. I just got this book
because I’m a beginner cook. I know how to cook hot dogs,
french fries, and an egg, but that’s all. I want to
learn the recipes in this book and do a takeover.
I want to cook food I enjoy and that others
enjoy. I want to experiment with cooking and see
what special touches I can figure out based on this book.

The added benefits of melanin in the skin!


What is melanin? It is responsible for the darkness or

color in black skin. It was stated that Ghanaians/Afrikans must wear

sunscreen. But this is not so. Melanin is the great chemical that

makes Africans/Ghanaians more resistant to the sun. Every ethnicity has

melanin, but black people have more melanin. The

whiter the skin, the less melanin one has.  But Afrikans

have some serious levels of melanin. For example,

Afrikan/Ghanaian people have 12 layers of melanin. Indians,

Chinese, and Arabs have paler skin have  3 layers of melanin.

Europeans have one layer of melanin. Indian and Chinese

people burn in the sun because they only have 3 layers of melanin.

And don’t you see the pattern? The same races that the

brainwashed person glorifies is white and other non black people.

Yet, those OTHER races have a downfall. The pineal gland

secretes melanin from the sun’s rays and it is  melanin that

makes Africkan people negate the efffects of the sun rays and

therefore, do not need suncreen.

It’s the melanin in Afrikan skin that causes black people to

be naturally gifted in maths, physics, sports, science and other

elements. It causes Afrikan children to have intelligence that

supercedes Whites, Indians, Chinese people and Arabs.

Melanin causes serotonin to flow more effectively in

the waking stage to experience more spirituality.

The less melanin a person has, the more calcified

the pineal gland, and the less access the individual

has to the spiritual world. This explains why Afrikan people

value the creater. Melanin allows for viewing the color spectrum

alot better as well. So, melanin is powerful. Melanin is

potent. It is responsible for the wonderful and great.






























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Black owned Hospitals

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I mean here in Michigan I see alot of White doctors.
I’m like, where are the black doctors. There is
surely a need for them. I would love to see
more black doctors, both dark and yellow in color.
It don’t make sense for everything to be so white.
Yes, whites have their roles,but I would like to
see more black people as doctors. Now, let’s move
on to black hospitals. Where are the black hospitals?
I surely don’t know of any in michigan. Here are
some black hospitals for your viewing:

Freedmen’s Hospital was founded 1862 in Washington
by the Medical Division of the Freedmen’s Bureau
to give the medical care to slaves. This hospital
was located on the grounds belonging to
Howard University and was the only Federally
funded health care facility for blacks in the

It’s still around Howard University Hospital,
one of only 3 traditional black hospitals
left around. The Freedmen’s Bureau
stayed around for 4 years. During that time
a movement was started that paved the way
for some ninety new Negro Hospitals.

Lincoln Hospital was established by Dr. Aaron
MCDuffie Moore in 1901 when he convinced
Washington Duke that a hospital would be a
more useful thing than Duke’s idea of
building a monument on the Trinity Campus
to Honor negroes who had fought for the

Provident Hospital and Training School for Nurses,
the first black owned and operated hospital
in America, was established in 1891 by
Dr. Daniel Hale Williams. Provident provided
training for nursese and interns in Chicago.
Black patients were denied admission to
white hospitals. Therefore, black physicians
could not treat their patients.

In 1944, there were 125 black hospitals in America
catering to black patients. Of these 124 hospitals,
23 were fully approved by the American College
of Surgeons and three were provisionally approved.
these institutions were found in 23 states and the
District of Columbia.

Oh, and now that I think about it i saw a black
woman doctor in Deaborn Heights, Michigan. It was
refreshing and such a change.

Saint Agnes Hospital founded 1886 in Raleigh,
North Carolina on the grounds of St. Augustine’s College.
It had its share of handicaps. Despite that , it
was only well equipped hospital for blacks
between Washington And New Orleans. It served
North Carolina, adjacent Virginia and South Carolina.

Black Girls Workout Too review

They always talking about the obesity rate of black women.
We need to hear about the fit black women. Black women need to
see the optimistic side of black women who workout. I
personally work out every week. I want to get back to
working out 5 times a week. Black women Workout Too is
the dvd I workout to. They do jumping jacks. They lift
weights. They twist their bodies. But it’s fortunate, I’m just
glad they don’t have any push up workouts. Those are strenuous and boring.
They work their legs, lifting their legs and arms. There
is one segment where one woman lifts her legs, one by one toward the
ceiling. IN this same segment ,she’s on her knees
and lifts her legs. Then,She’s on her back and touches her legs.
She lifts her butt so her legs goes straight up. Overall, this
dvd works out your arms and legs. The women in this
dvd touch the floor,bend their arms at an
angle as they lift weights and do countdowns. It’s
a very inspiring dvd. The excercises move right along.
You would have done 45 minutes of it in no time. I just
repeat the other excercises when the dvd is done so I
can get in a total of 60 minutes of excercise. I’m so
glad to see some beautiful black women representing
true fitness. I know people say it’s okay for black
women to be thick, but I’m black and thick ain’t
for me. I love the slim and trim look. Peace!

Black women, pole dancing isn’t just for strippers, it can also be used for fitness!

Have you ever wanted to bend and flex on a pole for fun?
Well, you might like pole dancing.
You can use it for fun, fitness, and the bedroom.
Dalijah Franklin is the founder of the Black Girls
Pole movement. Franklin doesn’t see enough black
people in the industry of pole dancing. She
wanted to draw black women out who loved to
do pole dancing. THerefore, she came up with
Black Girls Pole.

The biggest names in the game have come, stood up
and took charge of the movement like Nicole
“THe Pole” Williams. She was in Rihanna, Ne Yo
and Bruno Mars videos. Black Girls Pole celebrates
the shapes,sizes, and backgrounds that pole
artists come from.

And they say you have to be stick thin to do
pole dancing. Well, not Roz the Diva, aka
plus sized dancer. SHe pole dances with the
same amount of strength, grace and confidence
as the slender people. And you should see
her “Dangerous Curves” talent showcase,
which shows off plus sized women who work
the pole.

Black Girls Pole Encourages Pole Diversity the online hot spot for the amazing and uniquely designed! (see things you wouldn’t ordinarily see elsewhere with Amazon

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What do you think when you hear the website
I personally think of a site where you can buy stuff
with a really amazing presentation . You get stuff for great
deals and you can get stuff on the expensive side, but
the price is worth it. I’ve seen skateboards, bike
baskets, bike horns, black history books, cookbooks,
lipstick, family feud handheld games, and pots and pans.
They have Carol’s Daughter conditioner for $14.04,
holistic books, shirts supporting taco bell and with
the taco bell symbols, roller blades,bike lights,
exercise dvds, martin dvds and others, bags, old cds
for low prices like 4.99, etc. They offer clothing
for purchase as well as air beds and furniture. Some
of the things I observe on I don’t see everyday in the
way they are designed. Take for example, the tower
fan is unique. I mostly see regular circle fans.
They have shopping carts. They have bike accessories
to jazz it up.
I know most people already know about
but I’m telling you they offer helpful things with
a unique presentation. They got shoes that light up.
They have a dvd player with the screen so you can
watch it on the dvd player instead of having to use
a tv. offers bikes in different colors, clothes
in different colors. Amazon’s products have different styles
and could give you that new look that differs from what
you see at let’s say Walmart. I’ve seen so many great
things in one spot on than I could
find in one store or one whole mall. It’s like since I’ve been
getting money, I’ve been ordering from them back to
back. I am not giving them a rest. Let me just say this.
Let me make it point blank. I want my stuff from,
the best online hot spot. And they mean business!

Oh, and You can view my wish list and get more of an idea of what
cool, hip, super sweet items you might LOVE as well.

African American skateboarders on the prowl, the story!

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What’s something new I’d like to try? Skateboarding! I want to

skateboard through the city of Detroit. Well, while were on

the subject of skateboarding, I’d like to mention someone

in the skateboarding business. Traci Johnson, a black

woman  is known as a skateboarder. She and her husband

Jay have a mission  to support those young skateboarders in the New

York City. Johnson taught her nephew to skate, but she was so

surprised to hear that the fame and fortune was some people’s

reason for skateboarding.

Her skateboard company Culture skateboards

now sells its own skateboard decks.This team travels to skate on

new terrain and  at skate parks. Last fall, Culture Skateboards

opened the 1st phase of a skate park at Brower Park in a Brooklyn

neighborhood. Johnson got the money from New York State

Senator Eric Adams. This prompted 100 skaters

to head to his office to prove he needed a skate park.Her plan

is to create more multi-phase skate spots at New York City parks.

Johnson is currently working to get grants to fund video and

graphic arts programs for skateboarders who want to

learn how to shoot and edit skateboarding footage, design

apparel and decks.

There are about 8 millions active skateboarders

in the United States and they spend 7.8 billion per year

on skateboard equipment, apparel and accessories.

Well, on the last note, skateboarding is something that

looks appealing to the eyes. I wish I could do tricks with a

skateboard. It’s so powerful. It’s so fun. If I could join a

skateboard league, I’d join like pronto. Skateboarding would

be so brand new to me. I want to get really good at it and

teach others about that.

In Skateboarding, A Black Brooklyn Woman Breaks Barriers