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BLACK Inventors in the Spotlight

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Black history- My favorite topic. There should be more than one black history

class at every college, high school, middle school, elementary school because black

people contributed alot. Not everybody will self teach themselves. But I thank God

for the internet and books on black history because it should NOT be shadowed.

IT should be put into the spotlight and highlighted and showcased over

and over and over again.

                I research black inventors online at many sites.  Thomas L. Jennings

patented the dry cleaning process in 1821.

Norbert Rillieux-black person who refined sugar

Elijah MCcoy– invented a lubricator for steam engines.

Granville T. Woods-invented the telegraph

Madame C.J. Walker-invented hair care system and other beauty products

Garrett A. Morgan-invented gas mask, traffic signals

Frederick McKinley Jones– invented the automatic refrigeration system for long haul trucks.

David Crosthwait– professional on heating, ventilation and air conditioning. He designed

the heating system for the Radio City Music Hall in New York. The following url has

this same information and more about black inventors and black scientists:

        More on black inventors

Virgie M. Ammons-fireplace damper

Sarah Boone- Ironing Board

Ellen Elgin- Clothes Wringer

Ruane Jeter- Digital Toaster

Maxine Snowden- Rain Hat

Theora Stephens-Pressing/curling iron

Lyda D. Newman- Hair brush

Black inventors found here at the  link:

Additional link about black history:

  i have many times informed people about black inventions and will forever.

Since Georgia has alot of black history I can respect Georgia and I wish

other states would jump on the same train.

Here is a black history event of music:

But yes, Black people have done so many great things.

I should work in a black history museum.

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