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Part 2:Why its important to do volunteer work

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       ” Many or even small good deeds can take people to great heights in life”

(So the picture represents the uplifting of people who are in need.)

(All the blue links are clickable and will take you to the site)

Youthnoise.com is the site I found out about where they talk about issues

about being poor and poverty. ITs sad to see a world where there are people who sleep outside.

Nothing to shield them at night. Scary nights filled maybe even with nightmares.

NOthing to protect  them from the cold weather. Them wondering, why they were

chosen to endure such a life. There is a such thing as homeless shelters. Why are

there still homeless people? I figure that there’s not enough homeless shelters

in each city. People don’t want to walk the longest mile for places like homeless

shelters. They need one that’s convenient and in the area. You know how long

it would take some people to just walk to a homeless shelter if its far away?

IT could take so many hours. Think about the people with no direction.

That’s why its so important to help those homeless people before they

die out, before they get sick. SInce some people just don’t feel like

getting out to do volunteer work, here are the easiest ways to help

those poor people.

        1. All it takes to help them without leaving your house is to go to the site:


One click to help donate money to those people. Simple. Made easy. Click

on the link at the bottom with the girl holding up the sign. It says Just one

click. Then it will take you to the pie chart and it says “Click here to make

a difference”. You can also take action by joining the site for free.

They have a contest where you have a chance to win $25,000 toward

a project to stop youth homelessness or even learn more about it

through fact sheets, videos, downloads, etc. But this site has more than

just poverty issues. THere are animal rights, life, religion, enviornment,

government issues and more. THey have debate areas and message

board areas.

The Hunger Site

         There is another site where if you click sign up and give more link

on the site, they will give the hungry people 2 cups of food.

This is the url for that:  http://www.thehungersite.com/clickToGive/home.faces?siteId=1&link=ctg_ths_home_from_ths_home_sitenav

     I found a fun site where you can learn while helping to feed the hungry. The thing

they ask you to do is to tell what the word means and they give you 4 multiple

choice answers to choose from. For each question you get right, 10 grains gets

donated to feed the hungry. So the more questions you answer right the more

the hungry gets. You can answer as many questions as you want. ITs not

limited. You learn words while helping the homeless from your computer.

 THe site I”m talking about is this one:




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