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ALicia Keys climbs to the top of the pyramids


People were ushered out of the pyramids so Alicia Keys

could sing in private. Alicia got an urge to sing because of the

site of the pyramids. Well, see how a new enviornment can

encourage or form new ideas.  So that’s a great thing for writers especially

and singers and other people who need ideas. But back to Alicia, she

went to the very top of the pyramid. I wonder how long it took her

to get there and what it looks like inside. Must have been fun.

Keys sang alone and it was whatever came to her head. Must

have been beautiful as usual but ofcourse. The article can

be found here:

Want to know the history and set up of the pyramids? Its found here:

A place where  you can send an emailed card in hieroglyphics set up here:

If you are really enthusiastic about the pyramids, there is a place where you can

request a tour of the pyramids and its located here:


Building Pyramids

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