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Alicia Keys fans really need to see this

  ( I apply the song Superwoman to Alicia Keys helping great causes, her charisma,

she is charismaallover- mind, looks, heart, soul, spirit, personality and this song says that to me.

Its a perfect representation of all that.)

       We all know how ALicia Keys is so helpful to great causes

like the feeding the hungry and plenty more other great causes.

So I found a site where ALicia Keys does a psa on helping the people

in Africa. She does a video about helping those people in Africa

here :

She was letting people a penny can save those people. Every penny

counts but you are able to send more money  to help the poor

people.  Therefore they make it easier to help a cause.

 Here is a site where you can Donate to the cause Alicia Keys


One of the great things about is that they give you two options.

You can either be a monthly donor or a  one time donor. So its better to have

those options. They realize some people don’t have money to give every

month, so I’m glad they have more than one option so these people

can be inspired to help. I ‘m really glad for the site and Alicia Keys is such a sweetheart

and so devoted to the great causes. In addition, you can find an “Alicia Keys

shirt on this site saying Keep a child alive:

WHat a wonderful way to advertise it! Well, I’m sure if you took

action you would make Alicia happy!

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