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Well, we have all heard of volunteering, but the sites

where you click to donate to end world hunger is relatively new to me.

I know still some people don’t know about the sites. Yet, I have

found a site on the internet that you click on the icon and sponsors

donate food, water, education time and loans to poor people. You

just need to click on each so people can get all 4 of them. The

site is:

       At that site you can click up to 4  times a day.  But its best

to click everyday because when you click everyday you help

everyday. Once, you click they will take you to a page

where they explain how you helped by your click alone.

It’s an easy way to donate. They don’t ask for money,

food, or supplies- just a click that makes the biggest

difference in someone’s day.  Simple.  I’m glad in the

fact that they eliminated the money excuse. Materials (icons)

to help are there. The way to help is there. So now people who

don’t want to go out, can help right from their house. I’m so

impressed with the click site that through rain, snow, and

bad weather as long as you got internet access, you can help.

There’s not a person in this world who can’t get on a computer

and click and I applaud all the people who do help though whether

they click or donate money.

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