www.care2.com- another site where your click gets sponsors to donate

United Nations (three-legged chair)

  1. (This is the united nations 3 legged chair. THe United Nations is an
  2. organization that has goals to help world issues like feeding the

hungry, helping the enviornment, etc. THerefore, they support

the same causes www.care2.com supports)

               Ever wondered about the most convenient way to help a great cause?

Well now you have it right at your computer screen. There is a site where you

can click and sponsors donate to each cause you click for. THe site has a place

where you can click to help stop global warming, save baby seals, save big cats,

save the rainforest, stop violence against women, etc. You can also sign petitions

and make your own. In addition the site has an area where you can blog,

make polls, make your own webpage. So there’s plenty of stuff to do.

           You can have fun while you helping at the same time. That’s what the

site is like. Plus, when you click for causes, they send you a butterfly

in the email as a way of saying thank you. Not only that, they will

show you how much you have helped when you go to the drop

down under “Click to donate” and you will see” My Click to donate”

                  You will see how many people and how much land and how much

you have helped for things. So this site has advantages on making

the world better. Its assortment of things to do on the site makes

it stand out from other click to donate sites and there are some

more. OH, and then the bonus is-you send a free e-card

from the www.care2.com and you save one square foot

of the rainforest. What a superb and neat idea!

 Here is another volunteer site with more click to donate sites info:


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