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Christmas Over, Kwanzaa in Session


What does kwanzaa represent?  It is an African American celebration

for African values of family, commerce, community responsibility, and

self improvement. So I myself see it as a part of black history. This

Kwanzaa holiday is the best holiday ever. It symbolizes the unity of black

people and that is the best thing in this world.

                          Kwanzaa is based on 7 principles:

Umoja- Togetherness of family and community.

Kujichagulia- Self determination and define common interests and make

decisions in the best interest of family and society, world.

Ujamaa- Cooperative economics involves collective economic strength

and meeting needs through mutual support.

Nia- Look inside selfand set goals for the benefit of the community.

Kuumba- Use creativity to build a strong community.

Imani- Faith, which focuses on honoring best traditions, draw out

the best in self and aim for a  higher level of human kind as

well as affirming self-worth and confidence in the ability

to succeed in a struggle.

                THe colors of kwanzaa are red black and green.

This info can be found at this website:

  •                Black for the face of blacks.
  •                Red to represent the blood shed.
  •                Green in honor of  hope and color of motherland.

            THe name kwanzaa comes from the phrase matunda ya kwanza which

means fresh fruit in swahili. This fact makes me think about wanting to learn

Swahilian. Kwanzaa  lasts from December 26 through January 1st. I’m

impressed with the content and creativity behind kwanzaa, and also

the fact that it lasts longer than Christmas.

                   The fruits, nuts and vegetables in kwanzaa represents the work as well as the

basis of the holiday. The place mat is a symbol of the history, culture, and tradition.

For the ear of corn, that represents the reproduction of children.

As for the candles, they have two purposes- Recreate symbolically the sun’s

power and provide light. Kinara, aka the candleholder, is a symbol of where

we originally came from. The unity cup is for the libation ritual. Gifts

encourage growth, self determination, acheivement, and success.

                        All of this info is found here:

           THanks due to Maulana Karenga for creating this special holiday

kwanzaa in 1966. Fact found here: Here is the site

with the kwanzaa video:

Our Kwanzaa presents

me? addicted to camera?


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