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Marcus Garvey- Black Nationalist leader

                    Marcus Garvey - 08/17/1887 – 06/10/1940

               Marcus Garvey who was born in St. Anns, Jamaica  August 17, 1877, and he

 was all about black pride. HE was the one who established the United NEgro Improvement

Association. It says at this link that the United Negro Improvement Association

was  for blacks to be economically strong and educated:

          In 1919, Garvey  started the Black Star Shipping Line. Garvey promoted cross continental

trade through the use of his  red, black and green banner of Pan

Africanism. Marcus was outspoken at the printer’s strike because

of his firm belief in great working conditions. The first UniA

convention opened on August 1, 1920 with a parade that went

along Lenox Avenue in Harlem New york.

               Marcus Garvey and his organized UNIA created 700 branches in

38 states by the 1920s.

Additional information found at this site     is:

Marcus Garvey informed a crowd of people of his plans to build an

African nation state.

                Marcus Garvey was elected the First Provisional President of Africa. This

position he took was ratified in Convention in Harlem New York.

                     During the 1935-1939 era, Dr. Garvey edited and owned the

Black Man Magazine from Beauchamp St. W. 14 Fulham. While he was in

Europe He continued to write bold nationalistic material and poetry:

                 Information found at:

Recently, I found out there is a Marcus Garvey School in California.

Way to Go California!

              Oh and I give a round of applause to the University of Nothern Colorado

for the Marcus Garvey Cultural Center they have:

           I’m so glad for his leader abilities. He is a powerful man even in his death.

More people should know about his great work, especially black people.

He is definitely my role model and he makes the biggest impression

with his actions.

Marcus Garvey - 08/17/1887 – 06/10/1940

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