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The Harlem Renaissance-A black movement

                      emperor haile selassie I + marcus garvey

  The Harlem Renaissance- a beautiful name, catchy title so suiting

for the beauty and creativity of black people. In the 1920s, African American

literature, art, music, dance and social commentary began to grow in the

Harlem area of New York.  So that’s what I call the beautiful and classic

sophisticated era.

              Blacks began to settle in Harlem New York, which developed into a political and

cultural center of black America. Marcus Garvey’s movement “Back to Africa”

inspired racial pride in blacks. In the performing arts area, black musical

theater showcases songwriter Bob Cole and composer J Rosamond JOhnson,

brother of writer James Weldon JOhnson. Jazz as well as blues music moved

with black populations from the SOuth and the MIdwest to the bars and

cabarets of Harlem. Paul Laurence Dunbar’s poetry and  Charles W. Chestnutt’s

fiction were the earliest works of blacks to receive national recognition. Information found here:

For Jazz poetry and black art the site is:


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