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The List Keeps Going With Black Inventors


      We used product after product each day. The product does make life

easier. People enjoy something more that’s convenient. Well, alot of

contributions you have at your fingers, work place, schools, in buildings,

outside, anywhere come from black inventors. This needs to be heard

over and over again. So I present you with a list of black inventors AGAIN:

                          Frederick M JOnes- Air conditioning Unit

                          Benjamin Banneker- ALmanac

                          W.H. RIchardson- Baby Buggy

                          JOnes and Long- Bottle caps

                          Computer Keyboard stand- J Hardin

                         Willie JOhnson-egg beater

                         Latimer 7 Nichols- Electric Lamp

                         B.F.Jackson- Gas burner

                         Lydia O. Newman- hair brush

                         J. Ricks- Horseshoe

                         J.T. White- Lemon Squeezer

                         W. A. Martin- Lock

                          J W. Butts- Luggage Carrier

                          J. Gregory- Motor

                          C. J. Dorticus-photo embossing machine

                          C V Richey- Railroad Switch

                          J.W. Smith-Sprinkler for lawns

                          W.C.Carter-Umbrella Stand

                          J.W. West-Wagon

All the above information found at:

This is information to treasure. I’m so glad to be able to present this to you.

If you did NOT know, now you do. If you did already know good for you.

More on black inventors,,hurray hurray:

             Otis Boykin– This man is responsible for inventing the electrical

device used in all guided missiles and IBM computers.

             NExt up, Annie Easley– who developed and implemented computer

code used in determining solar, wind, and energy projects for NASA.

            Percy Julian– The world renowned chemist who produced chemicals

in the labratory previously only available in nature.

           Elijah McCoy invented the lubricating cup for trains. (Choo Choo)

Knowledge is power. Its so fun to learn, especially interesting subjects like



One thought on “The List Keeps Going With Black Inventors

  1. Thank you for this web post. I too have been researching black inventors and it is truly amazing the things our brothas ans sistas have invented. The sad thing is not many people no about it. It truly is very interesting.

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