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Alicia Keys Music Tops Them All (poem)


           ALicia Keys gets to the center of a song like a person

churning the juice out of fruit, Talent is prevalent and from

her roots, I keep her songs on play, I stay up late just to

hear her singing, even after hearing the sounds and lyrics,

the music keeps ringing,

          I play it loud enough for my family member to hear while I’m

here, And even when its silent the Alicia KEys song and melody

stays in her head for her to hear,

 and i just keep thinking I would love to hear more

songs sung the Alicia Keys way, Here I am celebrating her

music each day as if it were a daily holiday,

          Alicia Keys songs have a spirit behind them that you

retain same as you retain knowledge from a book, Quite a

good look,

         Alicia Keys makes music real hot, real good, all the time,

Music gets more newsworthy because of her with each line,

All into her music with such a sky rocket talent,

All into her music the music the most powerful message is sent,

        Every since she came to the music scene,

the world has the best years of music,

I get the energy of the song, it rubs off and sticks,

         Her music is so soaked in my mind its apart of my brain called

the cerebellum, This song, that song by her

is the melody I cannot help but sing and hum, Alicia Keys

outstaging many, None as great as her,

not any,

            Ms. Keys got the best music

keys in background music and vocal ability,

The perfection of music, Alicia Keys’ soulful

vibe in voice takes music way high and clicks

to it!

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