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Black Inventor Philip Emeagwali did groundbreaking computer work

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      Philip Emeagwali  is a black inventor who made computer usage the best it

can be. Philip make computers faster and more powerful. Lovely how an inventioncan transform it for the better! Philip  is able to performthe world’s fastest computation of 3.1 billion calculations per second in 1988.

Also, he can solve the largest weather forecasting equations with 128 million

points in 1990. Emeagwali implemented the first petroleum reservoir model

with complete success. He is the one who discovered how oil flows

underground, which helps to alert the petroleum industry that

massively parellel computers  can be used to recover more oil.

                That was one of America’s 20 grand challenges. Philip

Emeagwali came up with a new approach to design supercomputers

by watching and emulating patterns in nature. He also invented

the hyperball computer networks. In addition this black inventor

formulated new mathematical equations for slowly moving liquids

as well as gases like the flow within the Earth’s interior.

              Further, this black man, Philip Emeagwali set the world record

for an unprecedented parallel computer speedup of 65536 in 1990.

This experiment involved 65,536 linked computer processors and

revealed that  the speed of supercomputers can be increased

a million times.

All info found here:

              My comments:

            Wow, I want to give much kudos to this man because he

has done alot. Its brilliant that he just kept doing more and more

with computers. It just shows how brilliant and how much of a

genius he is. Also, it shows his ability to be versatile.

               Watch this man talk about his invention here:


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