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Devin Tate-King of Music (he’s on youtube)

         Devin Devyne Tate is a great singer who acts, dances, writes songs,

and records in the studio. Devin also loves performing and reading.

Mr. Tate’s goals are to graduate high school and one day go to college

and get a major recording contract. His influences are as follows:

Influences: Brandy, Tank, Ray J, Sammie, Justin Timberlake,

 Stevie Wonder, Luther Vandross, Michael Jackson, Beyonce,

 Whitney Houston and much more. HIs voice comes alive, it is

like something that is very animated.  Devyne is a vigorous singer. He

could sing anywhere, any day of the week and just WOW audiences.

Mr. Tate sings like he is happy in his music. He’s the kind of singer

that makes you put your ear up to the screen. I would recommend

him, recommend him again, and recommend him some more.

His work is stunning.

Here he sings Lately by Stevie Wonder:

             His myspace:


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