poetry · society

Society Needs Change for a Better World (poem)

                   A mural painted on a wall depicting the subway        

         The world is not at its best, people in charge and

careless folks cause the mess, They sitting, watching, looking,

but not doing, It’s easy, they make it hard, They make the issues

thick and greasy like lard, Large and even small attempts can even

help the world make sense, Yet sometimes its hard to convince,

                Problems could be lined up in rows, But careless people

contribute problems and it takes tolls, It should be

polled, which areas need help? Why do they lack?

               WHen part of the world gets destroyed how

much can you get back?  One state affects another

especially the one it borders, When more people help

more gets done, What you ignore everyday can affect

your future in a mighty big way, Its like the volcano


               Things happen random, you wonder what’s up?

The world occurences is like spinning a wheel and where

will it land? Is the good turning to sand? Go join other

good people who are helping out in unision like a band,

And where there is wrong, write a petition for

change and take a stand!


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