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Black inventor Benjamin Thorton invented the answering machine (hello, hello)

         brand new digital answering machine-unopened    


   Isn’t it wonderful that if you don’t receive a call, you can always get the message on answering machine? This is convenientbecause no one is available for every call. A missed call couldbe important, could be a wonderful opportunity. So therefore

who helps the world and makes the answering machine available-

oh the black inventor named Benjamin Thorton.

                  Benjamin Thorton came up with a device that could be

attached to a telephone and could record a voice message

from a caller.  By using a clock attachment, the machine

could also forward the mesages and record the times they

were made. This particular device was the

predecessor of Today’s answering machine.

      So, now if someone does something last minute and

you check your messages, you get your message.

I am grateful for the answering machine. I mean

no one wants to sit by the phone for ever and we

live in a  day where we don’t have too.

  All thanks to this site for the brilliant information:

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