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Black inventor P. B. Downing designed first mail box


(the Above picture is someone’s picture from

P.B Downing came out with the first mailbox design

     In 1891 the procedure for mailing just got  better. P. B. Downing

design a metal box with 4 legs and got it patented October 27 1891.

Downing called it a street letter box and is a form of what today’s

mailbox is like. So if you ever feel too tired to get into your car and

mail off your letters, he just saved you a trip. Marvelous!

But it does not stop there- P.B. Downing also designed an

electrical switch for  railroads which allowed railroad workers

to supply shut off powers to trains at certain times.

        Because of his design, inventors would be able to create

electrical switches like light switches in the home.

      Credit for this information goes to:

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