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Black musician who made Major Moves in New Orleans

    the weird trumpet art piece at the philharmonic center. they performance had alotttt of trumpets

       Bunk Johnson, African American composer and musician was born
in 1879. This man was a Jazz LEGEND before the music even

existed in name. Bunk made a grand impression on Louis

Armstrong, who heard in New Orleans around 1915 and Armstrong

stated “Bunk played funeral marches that made me cry!”

            Bunk Johnson recorded extensively in the early and mid 1940s.

At this time around 1946, his work was a part of the Jazz revivalist

movement along with the work of other New Orleans

musicans such as clarinetist George Lewis and drummer

Baby Dodds.  So yeah, now every time I think about New Orleans

and Jazz I will think Bunk JOhnson. What a clever man!


I Give credit to this website for the info:


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