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David Crosthwait is the BLACK inventor of heating system in Radio City Music Hall in New York

                                Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular

            He Made it good for people who go to Radio City Hall. You don’t

have to freeze when you go there. You can have a Warm Christmas in

the Radio City Hall. Why?

          Because of David Crosthwait: He was born in Nashville, Tennessee

and moved to Kansas City Missouri. David got a Bachelor of Science

 degree in 1913 and Master of Engineering degree in 1920.

          In 1913, Crosthwait moved to Iowa where he worked

for the Durham Company designing heating installations.

By 1925, he got the title director of the research department

leading a staff of both engineers and chemists.

        Crosthwait’s research involved heating and ventilating and he

 received 39 patents for a variety of devices like heating systems,

vacuum pumps, refrigeration methods and processes and temperature

regulating devices. One of David’s most famous creations is the

heating system for New York’s famous Radio City Music Hall.

Credit goes to this site for the information:

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Radio City Music Hall, Manhattan


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