Kenny Morris Got Singing Down Pack

           Kenny Morris, the 19 year old singer from Long Branch New

Jersey has the workings, features of what it takes  to be a

successful singer. He can definitely rock the house with his

great singing voice. Kenny’s videos consist of freestyles and

singing. When he was 12 or 13 Kenny became serious with

his singing.

              At the young age of 13, he did his first

performance in a two night concert.  MOrris went on

Amateur Night at Apollo in Harlem New York and won

1st place twice.

        Mr. Morris’ influences are Usher, Lauryn Hill, Stevie

Wonder, Jagged Edge, Ginuwine, Trey Songz,

Mario, Ne-yo, Pretty Ricky, and Chris Brown.

            Kenny is definitely what the music worlds need.

With that voice, I’m sure they got a spot for him.

He’s got the  creativity of voice in full bloom.

           His myspace page:

         His youtube page:


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