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Lonnie Johnson-Black inventor of supersoaker

             the damn super soaker that got me soaked..... right Casey! 

    Lonnie Johnson who was born in 1949 is responsible forthe great invention-the super soaker. Johnson was a businessman

and mathematician as well. Lonnie Won first place in a NATIONAL

competition for his invention “Linex” also known as a remote

controlled robot made out of junkyard scraps. Lonnie Studied

at Tuskegee University on a Mathematics scholarship and got

elected into the PI TAU Sigma National Engineering Honor


           Another one of Lonnie Johnson’s acheivements was a CFC

free refrigeration system that has a hydraulic heat pump. That

earned him his 7th patent.

           When the homemade nozzle at his bathroom sink shot

a spray of water across the room, that inspired him to invent

the worl’ds first high performance pressurized water gun.

See how inspiration can come from what happens?

          So Johnson along with his partner Bruce D’Andrade

finally created the Supersoaker in 1989. (Interesting that

this happened 3 years after I was born.)

            Over 40 million supersoakers have brought

in over $200 Million in sales. Johnson has earned over

40 patents and continues to invent thermo and

fluid dynamics as well as toys. Further, Lonnie Johnson

and his company are developing an improved home

radon detector, a rechargeable battery and

heat pump that uses water instead of Freon and

various projects.

        Lonnie Johnson is doing some really big things.

He is the man to make the world a better place.

Johnson  is responsible for the fun people today

have from the use of such an invention. So yes,

I took the time to HIGHLIGHT this man’s work

because he is truly superb.

This Information on Lonnie JOhnson found here:

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