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Powerful Black Ice Skater in the Spotlight

Surya Bonaly

         Surya Bonaly is 20 years old and is the powerful ice skater I”m talking about.

Bonaly became a U.S. citizen in 1994 who is the ONLY and I mean ONLY

skater who can land a back flip on one foot on the ice. Yet, she

was disqualified for that Impressive move. She is a 3 time World

Silver Medalist. See, IT says so on this site:

                  She has the most mind boggling moves and she takes skating to a higher

level. Her talent is something to embrace. What a beautiful scenery

with her skating! I’m so happy for Ms. Bonaly, she’s got that IN

YOUR FACE talent. The way she jumps over the air like she’s

light on her feet is truly superb.  Surya beautifies my screen

with her presence. Her skating is what I describe as spiffy and


      See her skate here:

NExt is a site where they have pictures of her moves doing the SPlit-Jump

Triple Toe loop-double Toe loop out of a Walley entrance. Also,

you will see Surya nail a Triple Flip Jump, straightline footwork

sequence, triple-salchow-double toe combination and

a 1-footed backflip.  View them at this spot:

                 Oh how nice it is to learn these new terms for

skating. They are quite interesting.

                    Plus, here’s a clip of Ms. Bonaly doing multiple back flips on the


                  I can see now she started gymnastics early.

View a collection of her fabulous skating moves in this montage here ( I ignore

the music someone on youtube added to the video montage) but the skating moves are wonderful:

Surya Bonaly

surya bonaly


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