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The National Museum of African Art

            National Museum of African Art

                A very important day in history- September 28 is the day

which the National Museum of African Art is celebrated.

 Its located in Washington DC, was founded in 1964.

So yeah that goes to show that its important to look up

things by date at times.  Something great could have happened

on your birthday but you see those sites where you

can look up what event happened on your birthday.

            The National Museum gathers and showcases art

from Africa such as traditional masks and figures, textiles, costumes

jewelry, furniture and household objects, architectural elements,

modern sculpture, paintings, prints, and ceramics. Wow, a variety-

lovely. Oh, and then they have stools, headrests, baskets,vessels

and other utilitarian objects.

              So go there and you will see  a range of things.

They have pottery from central Africa and textiles

from sub-Saharan Africa.

Black history information found here:

National Museum of African Art

African American Music, National Museum of American History


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