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Black woman Bessie Smith known as the Blues Empress

            Saxophone Chandelier at the Hard Rock Hollywood

           Here is what they don’t show in the schools. They name Martin

Luther King, Rosa Parks, Harriett Tubman, but that’s only part of the

black history. That’s only a drop of the black history. If you REALLY

search for the black inventors , black people did WAY more, invented

way more, made more movements.

        Therefore I introduce Bessie Smith, who was born April 15, 1894 . She was an African

American woman who entertained by acting, dancing, performing comedy. She got the title

Empress of the Blues because of her forceful vocal delivery

and command of the genre. She was the highest paid black

woman who lived in her time era.

                      IN 1923, she was signed to Columbia Records. Her

first recording Down Hearted Blues b/w Gulf Coast Blue sold

about 800,000 copies. Glad I know this information to be knowledgeable

and present this to you.

             This information can be found here:


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