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            upcoming holidays...black history month

         Dr. Daniel Hale Williams founded the Provident

Hospital and Training School Association. The school
trained Black nurses and allowed doctors of all races.
Williams insisted that the hospital have the highest
standards of procedures and sanitary conditions.
(So he was the best doctor. He was not careless and
I commend him for his safety precautions. If more doctors
do what he do, they would be better people.)
      2 and a half years later, on July 9, 1893 a
man names James Cornish was hurt in a bar fight..
Cornish was stabbed in the chest with a knife.
During his ride to Provident  Hospital he was
inching closer to death. He had went into shock
and lost a lot of blood.
        So it was up to Daniel Hale Williams to save him.
Daniel Hale Williams decided to operate on the man
so he opened the man’s chest. Williams save
the damage to Cornish’s pericardium ( also
known as the sac around the heart). He sutured it
and then applied antiseptic procedures before
closing the chest. 51 days later, James
Cornish walked out of Provident Hospital
fully recovered and lived 50 more years.
        The procedure that Dr. Daniel Hale Williams did was unheard of
until the black man Dr. Daniel Hale Wiliams did the operation.
So he was the first person to do an open heart surgery. Also
as recognition of his brilliance, he was the 1st surgeon to open the
chest cavity successfully without the patient dying of
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