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First Black Radio Show comes into existence in 1929



                     First Black radio show goes on air

 November 3, 1929, was the date the first BLACK
radio show goes on air. This was the first radio
program to showcase Black performers exclusively.
The growth of economic power among Black people
has come to change black radio from a white
dominated advertising medium into a multi-million
dollar industry. Now it’s more owned and operated
by blacks.
            The white oend radio station WSBC in Chicago
premiered “The All-Negro Hour. This program featured
and comedy as well as serial dramas.
                IN 1949 station WDIA in Memphis Tennessee became the first
station to hire an all black on air annoucing staff. Later in that year WERD
in Atlanta Georgia began broadcasting as the first Black owned radio station.
Powerful AM stations like WLAC in Nashville, Tennessee started
broadcasting Black news and rhythm and blues music across
areas of the United States.
                    Black radio personalities of Jack the Rapper , Gibson
of WERD and Tall Paul White of WEDR in Birmingham received
praise from Martin Luther King and other African AMerican leaders
for civil rights efforts and contributions.
                    By the late 1950s, white rock and roll DJs
like Dewey Phillips and Wolfman Jack were
imitating black styles to get more ratings.
                        The Number of Black owned stations
grew from 16 to 88 (what a huge increase!)
Now in the 1970s two black owned and operated
networks emerged. Those networks are:
Mutual Black Network and The National Black Network
in 1973.
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