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If you drive and even if you don’t, guess what black man invented the traffic lights?

the difference between israeli and american traffic lights

       If you think to yourself, oh what if there was no traffic light,

then people have to do their own traffic directing. It would be alot less
organized if there was no traffic lights. So therefore I thank God for the

man who invented the traffic lights- The black man  Garrett A. MOrgan.

That, like the other black inventors is something to bookmark. If you

did not know, you just learned a new fact. 🙂

            But moving on to Garrett Morgan , he was born in

Paris Kentucky and worked in a family farm. In Cleveland

1895, he began work as a sewing machine repair man for

a clothing manufacturer and then open his own

shop in 1907.

               The company produced coats, suits and dresses

all sewn with materials Morgan created himself. In the

year 1920(Harlem Renaissance era) he moved into the

newspaper business founding the Cleveland Call.

         ONe of Morgan’s inventions was the traffic signal.

Morgan decided to make the traffic signal because

he witnessed a collision between a car and a horse-drawn

carriage. He wanted to make traffic safety better.

(I wish todays people would drive better. Being in a rush,

you never know what could happen, so a normal speed

is the safe way.)

           Garrett A. MOrgan got his patent for the traffic signal

November 20, 1923. It keeps getting better because Garrett

also invented a zigzag stitching attachment for a manually

operated sewing machine.

           This man made national news for inventing and using

a gas mask. He used his own invented gas mask to save

several men trapped during an explosion in an

underground tunnel right underneath Lake Erie.

(See how important history is, but especially BLACK history.)

               Guess what his invention was used for? 1,2,3……….

Garrett A MOrgan’s invention- the gas mask was refined

and used by the U.S. Army during World War I

in 1921. As more people found out about Morgan’s

life-saving inventions in North America and England,

people wanted more of these producs.

              Garrett was constantly invited to conventions and

public exhibitions to show just how these inventions worked.

All this information can be found here:

German WW2 gas mask

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