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It’s a more organized day-A Black man invented clocks

              One of the Worlds Largest Clocks   

    Benjamin Banneker, the black man, was born on 1731

and was a self taught astronomer and mathematician.

He was from Ellicott, MD and at the age of 22,

he created a working clock made out of wood

after studying the watch of a friend. So you don’t

have to have a watch on to see time. Some people

forget their watches and have to use the time on

clocks in the buildings. Think about that.

No one would know when the job starts or

when  televeision programs should come on without


                In 2 years, he finished the clock, which kept accurate

time in hours, minutes, seconds. He became interested in

astronomy because a local surveyor gave him astronomy books.

         In April 1791, Banneker put the first of 10 almanacs

into existence. They were published by several printers

and sold in England and the America. Benjamin

 successfully predicted solar eclipses. Farmers and navigators

needed his important information.

      Growing up, he spent a lot of time devising and solving

mathematical puzzles.

            My comments:

It is amazing he was able self teach. Some people learn

at a normal pace. Others are a quick study,

but self teaching is beyond great.

            The source of my information is:

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One thought on “It’s a more organized day-A Black man invented clocks

  1. I agree with you. To self teach is to be able to not only digest the information but break it apart like a teacher would so that you can actually understand all the parts.

    Thanks for you informative posts.

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