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John H.JOhnson, a black man with a career in media

some newspaper clippings...we have more to put up

                                    John Johnson was born 1918, and was a
BLACK businessman, philanthropist, and publisher. Johnson

attended Du Sable high school and was president of his class,

editior in chief of the high school paper, and won a scholarship

to the University of Chicago, so he was definitely on point.

        Dig this, he later got a job with the Supreme Liberty

Life Insurance Company where he gathered news and

information about African Americans and preparing

a weekly digest. There, he came up with the idea

of starting his first magazine called “Negro Digest”

in 1942.

         About three years later, Johnson came up with

his second publication, Ebony, giving wide attention

to African Americans. Six years later, he created Jet, which

gave attention to Black people in politics, entertainment,

business, and sports. (Wow, I must say he doing exactly

what I want to do.)

               Johnson added book publishing, Fashion Fair Cosmestics,

several radio stations, and majority ownership in Supreme Liberty

Life Insurance.

          IN 1982, he became the first black person to be included

in Forbes Magazine’s 400 Richest Americans. John’s

1989 autobiography “Succeeding Against the Odds”, was a

worldwide best seller book in paperback and hardcover.

        To add on to the list of Significant things he did,

Johnson also held 5 honorary degrees from major universities,

such as Howard, MOrehouse,  and Harvard. Oh, and along

with that this man Donated $4million in support of the school

of Communications at Howard University. (The man is on

top of the world great I say). So he’s very focused in mass

media, which I enjoy knowing because I AM IN Mass media


           John Johnson’s Publication revenues are in excess

of $140 Million. The list keeps growing because he

sponsored the American Black Achievement Awards

television program and the Ebony Fashionn Fair, which

is a touring fashion show in the 38th years.

I give credit to this site for this info:



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