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Black Inventor William B. Purvis invented the fountain pen (writer’s gadget)


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classic fountain pen - black

            When you get to the site, you will see at the top of the page on the blue

area, it says THE BLACK INVENTOR ONLINE MUSEUM. You will notice

the name William B. Purvis knew jujst how much of an inconvenience it

is to carry around an ink bottle when you need to fill out documents.  So,

        William B. Purvis took the initiative to make a fountain pen.

The glorious date of January 7 , 1890 is when he got his fountain

pen invention patented. He did the writers a favor, especially me.

            His accomplishment was to find a easy, lasting, and inexpensive

build of a fountain pen. As a result, office cleaning is not as expensive

and makes it cleaner. So the secretaries, people in school , work,

anybody who needs to sign anything, or write even just a little

bit, he is the reason you have such a wonderful invention at hand.


               William was a resident of Philadelphia Pennsylvania.

What makes him extra great is that he did not just stop at the fountain pen,

he made the fountain pen and more. His other inventions are:

Patented bag machines, a bag fastener, a hand stamp,

 an electric railway device, an electric railway switch,

edge cutter on aluminum box, cling wrap, and  wax

paper boxes.

            So Cedar Point has hand stamps because of William B. Purvis.

I will NOT let anybody else get away with the credit. THE BLACK MAN

MADE THE FOUNTAIN PEN-FACE IT. There are books that confirm

it. THank you!!!!! I’m proud of them!!! 🙂 All the credit for this profound,

wonderful, great, prosperous information goes to: – I love being Black t-shirts

The following video involves support of getting 8000 black websites:

pen - slimline - dymondwood 010


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