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Black woman Miriam E. Benjamin invented Gong and Signal Chair for Hotels

              55 -

Miriam E. Benjamin was a school teacher living in Washington.

She received a patent for the Gong and Signal Chair for Hotels.

Her chair as expressed in her patent form would decrease

the expenses of hotels by Reducing the amount of waiters

and attendants. This will make it more convenient and

comfortable to eliminate the hand clapping of calling aloud

to get the services of pages. (Very organized and Professional,

It’s really nice.)

              This system worked by Pressing a small button on the

back of a chair which signaled a waiting attendant.

Simultaneously, the light would illuminate on the chair

and allow the attendant to see which guest needed


 (An invention like that could keep business

running smooth flow. People must have

kept returning to the establishments for

more of this.

               Ms. Benjamin was the SECOND Black woman to obtain a patent.

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