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Frederick Mckinley Jones-Black man invented refrigeration system for long haul trucks

This is actually the refrigerator in the kitchen complete with ice-maker and  temperature adjust

    Frederick Jones was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. His mastered electronic
devices by teaching himself. ( I don’t how many people teach themself, but not

every will. At least he did). Around the late 1920s, Jones designed

many devices for the movie industry, which adapt silent movie projectors to

talking movie stock. Frederick developed an apparatus for the movie box

office that delivers tickets and returns change to customers and snowmobile.

Jones received over 40 patents in refrigeration. In 1935, Frederick

invented the first automatic refrigeration system for long haul trucks.

             JOnes was inspired a situation that led him to invent refrigeration.

A truck driver lost a stock of chickens because  the trip lasted too long

and the storage compartment overheated.

          This same refrigeration system was installed ships and railway cars.

 So because of this food did not spoil. And it gets better, Frederick Mckinley

Jones invented the air conditioning unit for military field hospitals

and  a refrigerator for military field kitchens.

                       So basically he basically

supported the fresh delivery of food and the other things

I named. Certain Foods taste great, and to have

quality food service is one of the best things in a day.

Its one thing to have food, but its better to have food done

the right way-FRESH. Yeah some fast food restaurants

should take that into consideration and other places and

get on the good foot! 🙂

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