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Black man Joseph Lee made automatic bread-making machine & bread crumbling machine

Rack of Breads, Cakes

       Joseph Lee was born July 19, 1849. He is a black inventor from
Boston Massachusetts. He was known in the food industry
because he worked in a bakery as a young boy.
So he prepared, cooked, and served food
and later opened two successful restaurants in
the Boston Area.
           In the late 1890s, Lee owned and operated the
Woodland Park HOtel in Newton Massachusetts for 17 years.
In 1902, he opened his catering business “Lee
Catering company. This was his way of
maintaining an involvement in the food
services industry.
             Simultaneously , he managed Squantum Inn,
a summer resort in SOuth Shores that
specialized in seafood. he did not want to throw
out bread that was just one day old. Therefore,
he used it to make bread crumbs. So he put his
effort into inventing a device that could tear
crumble an grind bread into crumbs mechanically.
             This invention was successfully patented on June 4, 1895.
The breadcrumbs were used for  a variety of dishes like
croquettes batter for cakes, fried chops, and fish.
He sold his rights to his bread crumbling machine to
Royal Worcester Bread Crumb Company. He took that
even further and invented an automatic bread-making machine.
    What makes his invention to stand out more and more is it was
so fast, it could perform tasks of 5 or 6 men. This process
allowed it to be made cheaper and produced with
high quality. The taste and texture of the bread was
much better.
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