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Mabel Fairbanks-Black figure Skater of the 1930s

                Luc Robitaille Skates

ON the date November 14, 1916, Mabel Fairbanks born. She was an

African American ice skater from New York City. In the 1930s era,

Fairbanks discovered her lifetime passion when she was watching

a Sonia Henje movie. Once she saw a pair of black skates in a pawnshop

window and talked the guy down to a lower price of $1.50.

          The skates ended up being twice as big. So she made use of

them and stuffed them with cotton, got her balance on blades

by going up and down the stairs in her building. Then she took

to the nearby frozen lake.

             It did not Take Mabel Fairbanks long before she could

sail across the ice. Somebody who was passing by gave her the

suggestion to try out her skating in Central Park. Her skating

began to get a solid 6.0 judging.

             She continued to practice and

perfect her skill. Fairbanks knack and sparkle for skating overpowered the racial

barriers at the pivotal rink. So because of that professional skaters gave her

free skating lessons.

             In the 1940s Mabel performed at Nightblubs like Cyros. Fairbanks

got invited to skat on the road with the Rhapsody On Ice Show. She impressed

international audiences. Mabel’s talent landed her a role on KTLA

television’s Frosty Follies show, yet they did not want her to

join professional skating clubs.

             But she was not going to let that stop her. NO NO NO NO NO!

She got herself as well as other Black people in by sending for individual

memberships from the USPSA also known as United States

Professional Skating Association without revealing they were black.

    Its powerful to be persistent. She was determined and she came

through. She ignored the stupidity and did her thing and that is


           There is more to the story. You want to know? Check this same

information and additional info at this website:

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