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First published Black cartoonist-Elmer S. Campbell

die kleine gestreifte Maus _ Little Mickey Mouse


Black Cartoonist- Elmer S. Campbell
       ELmer Simms Campbell from St. Lousi Missouri,
was born January 2, 1906. He became the first African
American cartoonist to publish his work in general circulation
magazines regularly. Elmer won a national contest for
cartooning while still in high school.
        Campbell later studied at the University of
Chicago and the Art Institute of Chicago.
Next he worked as a railroad dining car waiter,
and amusing himself by drawing caricatrures
of the passengers. One of the passengers
who was impressed with his work gave him
a job in a commercial-art studio in St. Louis.
                  Later, Elmer moved to New York City and
worked for an advertising agency. Gradually,
he infused himself as a regular contributor
to many types of humor magazines. In 1933,
the magazine Esquire was founded, and
Campbell became its first cartoonist,
with a dozen drawings in an issue.
              I’m going to get the word out about more black
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