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George Washington Carver -Black man who improved agriculture

Planters Peanuts Mixed Nuts,  Peanuts, Cashews, Almonds, Brazil Nuts, Walnuts, & Hazelnuts

George Washington Carver is a great African American scientist.

There is a specifically day in January that he is honored- that is
January 5th since the year 1943.
            In 1935, George was appointed to the Department of
Agriculture by PresidentFranklin D. Roosevelt to
 inform about the southern farming crisis.
His advice was that farmers should use crop rotation.
Since peanuts and sweet potato crops contain a nitrogen-fixing
bacteria in their roots, these plants improve nitrogen
levels in the soil. This helps plants such as cotton to grow better.  
            Dr. Carver received the Roosevelt Medal in 1939 for saving
Southern Agriculture. (This was later helpful in feeding the
United States while WWII was going on) On Carver’s
death date, his hometown was made a historic site.
           President Harry S. Truman signed the Joint
Resolution on December 28, 1945 stating: “I do
hereby call upon officials of the Government to
have the flag at half staff on all government buildings on
January 5, 1946 in commemoration of the acheivements of
George Washington Carver”.
                                “My comments”:
                  During the 79th Congress, Public Law 290 was
passed to assign January 5, of each year George Washington Carver
Recognition Day. I know some people don’t even notice it, but
I’m letting you know. It should be acknowledged just like
Martin Luther King Jr. day. I’m so glad for the advancements
he made in the food processes. We need food for life so
its very important that food conditions are quality conditions.
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