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Jesse Owens, a Black man- Olympic Gold Medalist

Jesse Owens - Olympic Gold Medalist

             African AMerican Jesse Owens was born September

12, 1913. He was an African-American sprinter with a history
of being one of the greatest track-and-field athletes of all
time. His exact name is James Cleveland Owens and he
was born in Danville, Alabama. Also, he was educated
in Ohio State University (which explains what his Ohio shirt
represents on the website)
Olympic Track Numbers:
             Owens competed in interscholastic track meets
in high school. James excelled in the running broad
jump, the 100-yd dash as well as  the 220-yd dash.
He was a member of the Ohio State University
track squad in 1935 and established a world record
of 26ft 8, in for the running broad jump. Come 1936,
he set a new world record of 10.2 sec
for the 100-m dash.
         A member of the U.S track team in 1936 Olympic
Games in Berlin,he won 4 gold medals.
Owens won the 100-m dash in 10.3 seconds
which is the Olympic record.
              Then he set a new Olympic and world record of 20.7 sec
in the 200-m dash. To top that off, he won
the running broad jump with a leap of
26ft 5-in. That put him at a new Olympic record.
( Its great that he brung so much energy and effort
into Olympics. I admire the way he kept setting new records.)
              It keeps going, he was also a member of the
U.S. 400-m relay team that year, which an
even newer Olympic and world record of 39.8 sec.
          Despite of James’ wonderful athletic
performances, Adolf Hitler refused to recognize
his Olympic victories because Owens
was black.
             My comments: Even though Adolf Hitler (racist fool)
did not want to acknowledge his acheivements, it was as if James
ran over, squashed, flattened out his theories. Adolf Hitler, must have
been hurt to find out about James being so skilled but so
what. Hitler is in denial, but nothing changes the truth-
Jesse Owens is one of the best in Olympics.
 Oh, I’m so happy I know about this site where I got this information from:

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