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The Banjo-African Instrument

            Fender - Banjo - Fender FB58 Banjo

The Banjo comes to be celebrated June 13. The Banjo was

brought to America in the 17th century by Africans. It is the

only Western stringed instrument that has a vellum belly.

The common African stringed instruments are the musical

bow, lute, harp, lyre, and Zither.

                Professional musicians among the people of Gambia

play the kora, which is a 21 string harp-lute. The xalam is

a plucked lute which is similar to the African-American

 banjo. It is commonly used in Senegal bY Wolof praise

singers whose songs laud(praise) significant people.

            The banjo has a few other names it goes by:

banjar, bangie, banjer, banza. The banjo was played by Africans

in the 17th century era in America. The Africans made these

instruments with gourds, wood, tanned skins, and

used either hemp or gut for the strings.

( It’s amazing what can be used to make instruments.)

               The Banjo resembled those instruments by the Moors,

who lived north of the Sahara.

          You can find this information here:


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Duo-lin' Banjos

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