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Joe Walcott- Black Boxer (master of the ring)

boxing gloves

           I always enjoy informing about black history stuff.

So I’m getting to different areas and occupations of

black people in history and today. I’ve done mostly

black inventors articles and Whoa! There are alot

of black inventors. So happy to know about them!

But now I present to you one of the great black

boxers who mastered the ring!

       A black man named Joe Walcott was born March 13,

1873. He was from Barbados, British West Indies.
       Joe came to America in 1887 and lived and fought
in Boston Massachusetts. Walcott was 5-1 and a half
and 133-148 pounds. Yes, he was short and a squat
fighter with long arms and a very powerful punch.
(Baam !)msn smileys
       His other wonderful fighting qualities is that
he is quick and durable. Joe Walcott is known
as the pound for pound fighter in boxing history.
The men he fought were both lightweight and
heavyweight. (See, very versatile. He was always
up for the challenge. He did not limit himself and
that’s all good for him)
    A variety of sports writers rank Walcott as the #1
all time Welterweight. Joe was inducted to the
Ring Boxing Hall of Fame in 1955 and the
International Boxing Hall of Fame in 1991.
         They gave him the nickname Barbados Demon.
(That’s quite a name! WOW!)
Credit goes to this site for their wonderful information:

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