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The American Tennis Association-First Black Sports Organization

History of the tennis racket at Wimbledon - 06th July 2006

            Well most people know about Venus and Serena Williams
in the tennis area. But I’m bringing you some new info.
Its time to hear about some other people who deserve  
recognition. Therefore you have the American
Tennis Association:
                     July 22, 1916 was the start of a beautiful thing-The American
Tennis Association. IT was the first black sports organization
in America and formed by African American businessmen
college professors, and physicians.
       The ATA is known for being the MEcca for blacks from
 all walks of life who enjoy the competition and camaderie.
 It was offered for ages 8-80. (What a big range! Wonderful!)
         I’m will now give you the objectives of this magnanimous
      1. Bringing black tennis lovers and players to close relations
         (It’s a beautiful unity)
      2. Improve on standards of existing clubs
          (Its always great to encourage other things and
           inspire others to do great.)
      3. Hold annual national championship tournaments
      4. Regulating the dates of local as well as regional
         tournaments to eliminate conflicts.
       5. Appointing referees and officials for each event;
        also to promote the standard of the game among
        black players.
  THe American Tennis Association held its first ATA
National Championship at Baltimore’s Druid Hill
Park in August of 1917.
       Now, In August of each year, several 1,000 players
compete in more than 50 different events
at the yearly ATA National Championships in
different locations. The ATA is the epitome
of growing, African American big-bucks demographic
that has helped turn the tennis field into
a multi-billion dollar business.
               (Its awesome they laid out their objectives so you
know what they wanted besides the obvious)
                    I give credit to this site for its information:

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