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The Dance Theater of Harlem-A Black Ballet Troupe

Ballet Shoes

                What do we need for a better news? Better radio topics?

What comes to my mind is black ballet dancers. And I’ve got
the answer of who and what and when and where for the
Dance Theater of Harlem (black ballet troupe) . 
So here is how this Dance Theater of Harlem got started:

              August 15, 1969 is the date the Dance THeater of Harlem came into
existence. Much appreciation to Arthur Mitchell and Karel Shook for starting

this classical dance company. THe Dance Theater of Harlem is the world’s

first permanent  academy with a black ballet troupe. Mitchell

founded DTH with the purpose of focusing on a threefold

mission of social, educational and artistic opportunity for

the people of Harlem.

            The creation and official debut of Dance Theatre of Harlem

in 1971 showed people what they should already know-

Black people can successfully dance ballet. (But yes, we

can do anything we set our minds to!)

          By 1993, the world-renowned company had 49

dancers, 75 ballets in its repertory, an associated

school, an international touring program. ( So they took

care of business! Got things done in the name of

success, acheievement, what they want!)

          DTH stands for Dance Theater of Harlem so keep that in

mind for when I start to abbreviate.

           DTH’s performances includeds demanding and technical

neoclassic pieces. This includes: G. Balanchine’s The Four

Temperaments 1946, Mitchell’s Rhythmetron 1968, A. Alley’s

The River 1970, and much more.

            In 1972, after moving to their permanent home at 466

West 152nd Street, DTH continues to prosper and make a success

of themselves. DTH has training in dance, choreography, and

music with out-reach programs that bring the art

form to senior citizens as well as the children of the Harlem


         The ballet dance group has toured countries such as

England, Russia, and South Africa. During the 1992

South Africa visit, Mitchell encouraged his dancers

to learn from and teach the dancers there. Mitchell

is also known for pushing his students to visit

libraries as well as museums to widen their

artistic horizons and teach them to be

role models.

         By 1994, DTH finished its 6 million dollar expansion

and renovation project, doubling classroom and

administrative space and confirming their

commitment to providing access to the

training needed for a career in classic ballet.

               All information found here:


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