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Various and Beautiful African Gifts at this Site

Xylophone Player

             Africa has beauty- the people, the dance, the instruments,  and

alot more. I’ve always been curious about African items and

see the beauty in African art.  (So I once did a report in

college about African instruments.)

           Now you can see for yourself about African instruments,

here is a great site about this. The categories the site has

involve: Musical instruments, rain sticks, drums, baskets,

pottery, cds books and video.

        (I’m really really glad they have those things. 

The cds , books and video has extra

information to give even though they provide you with

a little bit of information on the site for the instruments.

              Interesting what you find out in a day. I just learned that

the keys from the xylophone are made from male Shea Butter tree.

Now, for their instrument Kalimba- Africans sit in a circle, tell stories,

sing songs and play the kalimba. Here come the shakers. The shakers are

a Ghana woven Rattle.

             (Keep in mind, these shakers have different names.

That’s just one of the shakers names.) But back to the Ghana woven

rattles- They are filled with stones and the straws and reed are on the

outside. ( I really like the color patterns and the way they’ve been sewn)

Oh and they’ve got these latterns that look like they could be the stars

on a Christmas Tree. Wow, these lanterns taking my

mind back to Christmas.
Fa la la la la-ha ha ha)

             Anyways, now that I’ve given you a synopsis of the

site, I introduce you to the site where this information and

all of these products can be found. That site is::

Oh, Look it’s the side angle xylophone. Choice:



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