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Black Businessman- Earl Graves made his mark in life

OHAUS Tripple Beam Balance Scales

       Want your own business? Taking the steps to get one?
Well, this man has been a true inspiration to Black Business
people. But you’ll see how he still makes a difference
when you get to the end. So do remember him.
              Earl Graves is a black man of business success. He’s
an entrepreneur and activist as well. To add to that, he
was a rolemodel and mentor as well. (So he looked
out for himself and other people. That makes an even
balance scale. So, someone who achieves and helps
others. He’s the best.)
           In high school, he was a track star so he used
his athletic skills to help with tuition and working
as a lifeguard at Morgan State University. There
he managed several campus businesses and
joined many campus organizations.
  •           He got his BA degree in economics in 1958.
  •          Also he got the ROTC membership.
  •         Graves became a second lieutenant in the US Army.
  •        Earl Graves completed the Airborne Ranger’s School and
was captain with the Green Berets.
  •     Sold and developed real estate and in 1966
  •  Got the job as an administrative assistant on
           the staff of Senator Robert F. Kennedy.
That job involved him supervising events.
  •        Started his own  firm called Earl G. Graves Associates.

(It’s  a firm that leads corporations on urban affairs and economic development.)

    (See how Earl Graves was his own leader. He
got help from Kennedy but kept going even
when Kennedy began to Rest in Peace)
  • Contribute to the economic development of Black America.
  •  Used his own money to make a difference in the lot of the town’s Black community.
  •        Tapped into the Nixon’s Administrations effort to bring
Black people into the country’s economic development programs.
               He knew it was time to plan
develop, and produce a montly periodical
devoted to news, commentary, and articles
for Blacks interested in business.
           Earl Graves received a Ford Foundation
grant to study Black-owned business in Carribean
countries. (What an achievement and must have been
fun being in the Carribean area) He narrowed
his focus and borrowed $150,000 from the Manhattan
Capital Corporation of Chase Manhattan Bank. By
‘1970, Graves presented the lenders with a working
draft of Black Enterprise.
            Graves is the  author of the book “How to
Succeed in Business Without Being White: Straight
Talk on Making it in America, 1997.
                                   All this information can be found here:

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