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Black Farmers do a sit in for this 2000’s era

Yummmm. Fresh corn in January.


       Well everyone knows food is for survival. Eating before

you work helps you think. It does cause problems when
you are hungry and busy. It can be a distraction. But thanks
to farmers the food crops survive. They are as great as
the army, and the rest of the people who contribute
to survival. So the farmers really set the pace for a
better world. Now, for the black farmers:    
      Particularly, the Black Farmers and Agriculturalists Association staged
a prayer vigil and sit in. The black farmers were from areas
like Georgia, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi,
and other southern states.
           National president of Black Farmers & Agriculturalists
Association, Gary Grant, participated as well.
First of the 5 protests took place at the Farm
Services Agency offices in Brownsville and BOlivar,
          The reason why they did this sit in was so they
could get support for Black farmers who have been
denied or delayed their loans. (Why are people so
slow at getting this to them? guess!)
            At the time of the sit in, corn was ready to harvest,,
cotton plants were blooming, and vegetable crops were
in ripe stage. (So if people take their time getting them
their loans it horrible. Plus they are wasting their time
delaying their loans. More can get done without  this
negative influence.)
           A lot of black farmers who had applied
for operating loans to plant their 2002 crops had
not received their loan proceeds in Haywood as well as
Hardeman Counties, Tennessee. (Its’ just ridiculous
that weird stuff like that goes on today.)
                      The main thrust of the Prayer Vigil and
Farmer’s sit in is to collect public and most importantly congressional
support for the foundation of a Separate but equal lending agency
specifically for African American borrowers. (They should have
a program for issues like this. The NAACP can get in on this.)
                       Black farmers who were successful in the April 14, 1999 Pigford
vs. Glickman lawsuit have a right to operation loans. Yet they are still
being denied access to loan benefits, which were made
available to them by the Consent Decree, signed by Judge
Paul Friedman. ( They need to petition the fools denying
them loans. Those denying them loans should be out of a job)
                            My source of information is:

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