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Black Man Air Force Champion Gets the Crown for Chess

chess table made from ceramic tile

        Have you gotten your practice playing chess?

Play it online? Play it offline? Well, anybody
who knows how to play chess and practice
can get really great at it. The opportunity to
build skills is great.  So I present you a man
who knows how to play chess so well, he won
a championship:
          September 20, 1984, a black man won the 25th
Annual Armed Forces Chess Championship Tournament.
Air Force Seargant  and chess player
Emory A. Tate Jr accepted the first annual
Haskell Small Award for individual honors.
He won the tournament held in Washington DC,
that week in September 1984.
                 The score he won with was 8 and a half-
3 and a half. This was the 2nd year
that Tate has received top honors in this
tournament. The trophy gets its name
from the late Colonel Haskell Small,
who was helpful in organizing and promoting
the military chess championship.
             This same information is located here:

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