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Black Business-Workshop in Business Opportunities in Harlem

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        Its  a fortunate thing to have your own business. Do you want a business?What particular one? Well, I know of a particular site that helps African Americans in business and I say hurray! Anyone can give

to support black business, but its really important that black people

give back to black business. Now, I will carry on with this lovely

black business site.

             Workshop in Business Opportunities was established in 1966

in Harlem. It’s a private non-profit organization to help

men and women become successful entrepreneurs. WIBOs goal

is to enable small business owners and budding entrepreneurs

from under-served communities to obtain financial success

by starting, operating and building successful businesses. Also,

to give those businesses economic power, provide jobs, and

improve communities.

          WIBO offers numerous services involving the 16 week

 workshop. Additonal help they provide is personalized

 business coaching, legal and accounting clicnics,

 monthly seminars, networking

events, and other business support activities.

           So that’s enough information to get you started.

Go check out the class syllabus.

Read the success stories.
Give it a try. See how you like.
You can find this information on this site:
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