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The Congressional Black Caucus helped black people get to vote (starting in the 1960s) My favorite Caucus

Hudson County Court House

What era was known to help what? What day? What time?
The Congressional  Black Caucus goes back in history to

the important civil rights victories in the 1960s era. AMong these
victories was the Voting Rights Act of 1965 which made it
against the law to deny African Americans to vote. (It’s
very important to vote and use your voice for
positive change. The voices add up. The more
people the better.Protest, free speech, it’s all good.)
    The  Congressional Black Caucus continues to be a supporter
for African-Americans and other underrepresented people.
Their efforts to cause positive change in domestic and
international policy have helped to keep
the concerns of the Black community at the
top of US policy.
      Individual members have sponsored and
passed many bills that have been enforced
into law. The Congressional Black Caucus
has informed and sponsored legislation on
many issues such as voting rights, employment,
education, health care, and foreign policy.
( It’s the greatest congress- Congressional
Black Caucus)
            The Congressional Black Caucus
has made their legislative agenda known to both
the White House and Congress as well.
Members of the Congressional Black Caucus
have been able to take black political interests
to another level in America for more than
35 years.
Here is the source of my information:

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