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The First Black Marines……A tribute to these black men


     Who are these people who made a better world? Well I’m going to start
off discussing some African American men who shape the world.
         Number 1:
        African American, Edgar R. Huff joined the Marine Corps in June of 1942.
He underwent training at the Montford Point Camp.
Huff came at a time when Montford Point
operation really really needed forceful and intelligent
African Americans whether they had military
experience or not. He made Platoon Seargeant
in September of 1943, Gunnery Sergeant in November
of that same year.
 Number 2:
                     Frederick C. Branch, was chosen to attend the
Navy’s V-12 program at Purdue University where he
made Dean’s List. Branch became the First
Black Commissioned Officer in Marine Corps
History on November 10, 1945. Look up Montford Point
Marine Hall of Fame and you are guaranteed to see
Frederick C. Branch there!
                                       Number 3:
          Next up is African American Major Gilbert H. Harshman
Johnson. The way he got his nickname “Harshmark” is
from his sleeve. His Marine Corps unifrom sleeve has 3yr
hitches with a black regiment, the 25th infantry.
           Johnson’s infantry experience involved him being a company clerk,
mortar gunner, and squad leader. He went from assistant
drill instructor to drill instructor. (See how you move up
from one level in life to another. That’s something to
be excited about.) That’s some of the Black Marines, there’s
plenty more observed and discussed online.
                                All this information can be found here:

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