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First Black Person who received a Pulitzer Prize for Photography

Kitchen Scraps, Janelle's Circle Journal

 Moneta Sleet is African American photographer who

was born February 14, 1926. Sleet started taking
pictures after his parents gave him an
old box camera.
  Moneta’s acheivements:
  • Attending Kentucky State College
  • Received a MA in journalism for NYU.
  • Joined Ebony Magazine Staff
  • He covered significant moments like the Civil Rights Movement, The Nobel Peace Prize, and other world events.
  • Moneta’s photos have been showcased in a variety of
museums and libraries. ( I will definitely look out
for this man’s work)
        1969 was the year he was the first black person to
receive a Pulitzer Prize in journalism for his photo
of Coretta Scott King at Dr. Martin Luther King
Jr’s funeral. (That’s the easiest way to remember
him, especially since he contributed to a great
leader in black history.)
             Also, he wrote “Special Moments in African American
                                     History: The photographs of Moneta Sleet Jr
                                This is my favorite site because it has black history information for one. Two, because it has a lot of black history information:

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