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Les Payne- Black man who is one of the founders of National Association of Black Journalists

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           What a difference writing can make! A letter , a word,
sentences……….The arrangement of text.  I enjoy it.
So I can definitely relate to this person’s area of expertise
because writing is what I enjoy. Now this black journalist
came through. He made a move and made big and great
things happen. The writer I’m referring to is: Les Payne
        Les Payne, is a black journalist and author born
July 12, 1941 in Tuscaloosa, ALabama.
Payne’s acheivements include:
  • Graduating from the University of Connecticut
  • Received a BA degree in English
  • Six years in the Army
  • Covered the Black Panther Party
  • Won a Pulitzer Prize for The Heroin Trail in 1974
  • Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize in foreign Reporting
  • Reported from Africa, Europe, The Carribean and the United Nations
             Les Payne is one of the founders as well as former
presidents of the National Association of Black Journalists.
Therefore he has used that to improve media fairness
as well as employment practices.
                Payne has received several awards, and they are:
  • United Nations’ World Hunger Media Award
  • 3 Unity Awards for investigative reporting
  • The Ace Award for interview with Mayor David Dinkins on Les Payne’s New York Journal
                      My comments:
Well I have heard about the United Nations World Hunger issues and
found out about a list of goals they have on the their site. Hunger is just
one issue. I’m so happy to see him making a difference with
hungry people.
                My source of information is:

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